Welcome to HMN Holdings
HMN Holdings, its subsidiaries and affiliates operating under the "HMN" name, is recognized as one of Sarawak leading and best-managed private companies. There are currently 6 private companies that operate under the "HMN" name with a combined market capitalisation of over RM160 million as at 31 July 2011.

The HMN Group was founded in 2001 by our current Group Managing Director, Mr. Awang Habiburllah b Hj Awang Ismail with the setting up of HMN Nadhir Sdn Bhd and Cybertech Information System.

Under his leadership, the HMN Group continues to grow from strength to strength. His commitment to excellence, innovation and growth has resulted in the rapid exspansion for the group of companies. The Group is committed to continue to grow strongly as a leading Asian multinational corporation.

At HMN Holdings, we never fail to deliver and serve for the betterment of our future. Our focus is to provide the utmost support to the future generation socially, economically and environmentally. In line with our continued interest and commitment in corporate responsibilities, we are pursuing our philanthropic contributions to the next level of corporate sustainability. This includes initiatives of providing maximum profit made today without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs within the capacity of sustaining the eco-system.

Our holistic approach with various parties is the instrumental guideline in giving back to the community, environment, people and suppliers. The impressions we leave today will serve as our benchmark for further success.

In our quest to materialise our vision as renowned corporate entity, we work hand in hand as an integrated body of values by:

•  Going beyond the expectations of our customers.
•  Be responsive to the changing demands of our customers and excel in providing quality products and services.
•  Be committed to innovation and the adoption of new technology to achieve competitive advantage.
•  Pursue personnel policies which recognise and reward performance and contributions of employees and provide proper training, development and opportunities for career advancement.
•  Be a responsible corporate citizen, committed to enhancing corporate governance and transparency.

Today, led by a board of experienced directors and highly qualified professionals, HMN is committed to enhance its competitiveness and to partake a bigger role in economics development thereby contributing to entrepreneurial growth in line with the national aspiration.